Jack Pad Tool For Tesla Model S – Qty 1


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  • A Must Have For Any Tesla Model S Owner Or Tesla Repair Shop
  • Prevents Damage To The Battery & Side Skirts
  • Fits All Tesla Model S Models
  • Prevents Damage To The Painted Lift Points On Select Tesla Model S
  • Allows For Safe & Proper Lifting Of A Tesla Model S

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Jack Pad Tool For Tesla Model S


  • Condition: 100% brand new
  • Color: Black
  • Size: as picture
  • Material: rubber
  • Bottom diameter: 2.5″ / 6.35cm


  • The jack pad tool for Tesla is one of our newest offerings. It is specifically designed to work with For Tesla Model S chassis.
  • The vehicle jack points on the For Model S chassis are very strong with the center of the pad being fully supported with an integrated “tube” that extends from the chassis to the bottom surface of the jack point.
  • The jack pad tool hangs from the jack points on your car. This feature makes it very easy to align your floor jack with the jack point.
  • The 63mm diameter tool is machined from Acetal bar stock and uses a Silicone O-Ring to provide a friction fit with the vehicle jack point.
  • Acetal is an extremely strong and durable engineered plastic. No modifications to the jack points on your car are required to use this jack pad tool.
  • Simply insert the tool into the center hole in the plastic vehicle jack point. The jack pad adapter will be suspended from the jack point until you can position your floor jack beneath the adapter.
  • You can now safely lift the car without damaging the side skirts or undercarriage with the rim of the floor jack saddle. The O-Ring provides sufficient “grip” to hold the tool in place during maintenance procedures.
  • The tool is not intended to be permanently installed.
  • This jack pad tool is intended to be used with a floor jack with a flat bottomed cup that is at least 3-inches in diameter and no more than 3/8-inch deep.
  • Four of the jack pad tools can be used with a four-arm lift to increase the clearance between the lift arms and the vehicle side skirts.


  • Will this jack pad tool work For Tesla Model X?
    • Yes, this tool will work For Model X jack point. However, since the center hole in the For Model X jack point is slightly larger in diameter, the tool will not fit as snugly in the For Model X as it does For Model S.
  • Will this jack pad tool work For Tesla Model 3?
    • No, the diameter of the hole For Model 3 jack point is about 1mm less than the hole in the center of the Model S jack point. The post on this jack pad tool will not fit for Model 3 jack point.
  • Why is there a bolt in the bottom of the jack pad tool?
    • The counter-bored threaded hole facilitates the manufacturing of the tool. It also allows for the attachment of an optional 15mm thick extension for anyone who requires a taller jack pad tool for their application.
  • Is it necessary for the jack pad tool to be the same size as the rectangular vehicle jack point?
    • Absolutely not. This 63mm diameter tool supports the weight of the vehicle under strongest part of the jack point. The center of for Model S jack point has an integrated tube extending from the outer surface of the jack point to the chassis. The vehicle jack point is capable of supporting much more weight than one corner of the car. Just because a jack pad tool is the same size as the vehicle jack point does not make it a better design. It’s more important that the intrinsic strength of the tool matches or exceeds the strength of the jack point and that its shape adapts to fit inside the saddle of your floor jack. The jack pad tool will not flex or distort under load.

Package Included:

  • 1 x   Jack Rubber pad

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Dimensions7.87 × 7.87 × 7.87 in



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